UI ListViews scrolling is much more smooth because of an improvement in the rendering routines.

UI With the latest release a small bug was introduced, some stuff running in background wasn't able to update the interface when requested but only when an UI action was triggered. Fixed.

ERROR HANDLING Until now, when an error occurred, a generic window with “Internal Error” text was displayed, now the full error (code + message) returned by the wallet core is displayed.
In addition to this the error messages will be displayed using the application's theme instead of using the standard system requests.

ERROR HANDLING TxViewer, export operation: added error checks against possible failures when opening the output file.

UI Added a touch of color to the TxViewer, all categories have its own configurable color.

UI Added a touch of color to the Recent Tx List too, in the home page.

UI When a search in the TxViewer is performed, the number of matching records will be displayed on the window's title.

UI Now the console colors are coherent with the active theme.

TAX Closing prices: fixed a bug in the coin selector, it wasn't working lately, maybe a bug introduced in the latest releases or in my own internal release, anyway it should work now.

UI Synchronization window: fixed the left aligned % value in the progress bar, now it is centered.

MISC Sometimes, on Windows systems and when the Dashboard is executed for the first time, some errors are raised due to the firewall and/or the antivirus which prevent the Dashboard to run external programs (the wallet core). Now, at the first run, a window is shown to warn the user of such possible problems that in 99% of cases are solved by themselves by running the Dashboard a second time after granting the necessary permissions to the Dashboard.

UI Changed how the console renders the text on the screen, it should be faster then ever now.

VOTINGS There was no way to interrupt the voting creation process once started because the requester's close gadgets wasn't working and hitting the cancel button had no effect. This has been fixed: during the poll creation just click the window's close gadget, input a blank text or hit the cancel button to interrupt the creation process. The input will be processed only if you hit the ok button after you have typed the requested text.

UI The window's close gadget of the string requester wasn't working. Fixed.

RECENT TX When the Dashboard was retrieving the recent transactions the user noticed a lag because of this operation, how the recent tx are retrieved has been changed to reduce this lag, allowing in the future to customize how many recent tx can be displayed. Additionally, since orphaned tx are hidden, a message in the status bar will show how many orphaned tx has been detected after each scan.

TOOLS An option to reset the static database has been added, you can use it to clear the database of the currently selected coin, the database will be regenerated at the next restart. This option is usefull if you have forked and invalid transaction has been stored in the database, this is a way to get rid of those transactrions once your wallet is back on the right chain.

CONSOLE Boolean values was incorrectly parsed generating an error even if the parameter was right. Discovered while activating a masternode using the startmasternode command. Fixed.

CONSOLE When you issue a command in the console the result will be automatically copied to the clipboard.

CONSOLE Optimized vector based animations playback, it can be launched from the console using the /dance command. The frame rendering routines now handle correctly playback window's resize events with no flickering.

OPTIONS The Dashboard now exposes the file cfg_options.txt located in the AppData folder.
This file is fully managed by the Dashboard, remove the file and it will be regenerated at the next run, remove an option and it will be added with its default value at the next run. This is the base to implement a first options section to the Dashboard.

UI The transaction details window has been changed a bit to increase readibility: all timestamp fields also show the data in standard format. Label & values are colored according to the current theme.

OPTIONS The Dashboard now provides an options window accessible clicking the options button on the left side stack. This window let the user adjust some parameters (some are critical so pay attention or ask before playing with them!) and will help the dev team to track down crashes and problems. More options will be added in the future. Please note that some options require that you restart the wallet core while other require that you just restart the Dashboard leaving the core running in the background.
List of available options:

Wallet core “print_to_console” flag (restart the wallet to see the changes)
DISABLED : The wallet debug output is redirected to the console and not to the log file, this is the default setting because all RPC calls produce verbose debug output and can result in very large debug logs and can slow down the performances especially when the Dashboard builds the transactions database.
ENABLED : The wallet debug output is logged into the default wallet debug log file.
RPC Calls debug log (restart the Dashboard to see the changes)
DISABLED : The Dashboard RPC calls are logged along all the other messages, disabled by default you can enable it for debugging purposes. Be aware that RPC calls can produce very large log files and can degrade overall perfoirmances.
ENABLED : The Dashboard will log all the RPC calls it sends to the wallets.
Wallet debug output to the Dashboard log (restart the wallet to see the changes)
DISABLED : The wallet debug output is ignored (default)
ENABLED : The wallet debug output is logged into a log file handled by the Dashboard.
Dashboard initial wait time (restart the wallet to see the changes)
By default the Dashboard wait a predetermined time of 120 seconds to allow wallets to startup, this is true if “print_to_console” is enabled. In this case you can adjust, using positive or negative values, the number of seconds the Dashboard has to wait. After that an additional 150 seconds of wait are needed to allow the wallets to load the blockchain index.
If “print_to_console” is disabled the Dashboard will look into the wallet log file to see when it has finished the loading/initialization phase after the wait of 120 seconds.
Be aware that if the Dashboard starts to query the wallet before it has finished to load/intialize its data you can cause the wallet to crash.
Run BitcoinSubsidium at Dashboard startup (restart the Dashboard to see the changes)
DISABLED : BitcoinSubsidium is not started at Dashboard startup
ENABLED : BitcoinSubsidium is started at Dashboard startup

Change GUI Theme (restart the Dashboard to see the changes)
You can select one of the available themes from the drop-down gadget.

Grab it from GitHub: