Click image for larger version  Name:	D94ECA02-D85F-4782-9650-7E1BC86A43B8.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	23.4 KB ID:	553 Click image for larger version  Name:	BC097015-FB27-49AB-9938-D46A4552F29B.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	20.5 KB ID:	552 Click image for larger version  Name:	2A7BA23A-BD11-42AD-8D32-3FB156459061.jpeg Views:	0 Size:	22.9 KB ID:	551
We are glad that we can provide our TELOS Community a cost-reduced ARM-SOC based on the VIM3-PRO

The Mining Version of this board is striped down to reduce the price but still keep it flexible so you can still expand it to a ARM desktop or MediaCenter / Gaminconsole.

FOCUS for us is on Mining XBTX and this baby is awesome for this.
We are offering also colocation, so you order big quantities and we keep em running in our location for you. Check all possible options at

The TELOS edition is payable with TELOS only and if you like you get 1000 TELOS to the newby pool at bitdorado. Add your PolisPay wallet and enjoy a few TELOS from time to time.

Besides this TELOS Edition you will find also the XBTX Edition with 50 XBTX Cash-back and payable only with XBTX.

Both editions are limited to 300 units each and come with a T-shirt with the XBTX or TELOS logo (shirts in black or white) - pictures will follow.
With the VIM3-ME you will have a high efficient CPU-Miner.
If you need more we offer these as Clusters similar to the BlueReactor and to take off the work from you we offer them in Colocation.

There will be also 10NHS Editions for 1NHS or 1 BTC or 13500K Euro inc. VAT. (you can buy "ALL VERSION WITH TELOS and get 3% off.. except for the TELOS EDITION)

All boards come with a microSD including a custom Kernel and A minimal Terminal based GUI to make mining easy also for non-linux geeks.

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The picture shows the normal version which is NOT the same we offer to you:
Click image for larger version  Name:	stacks-image-f518100.jpg Views:	30 Size:	46.6 KB ID:	549

The differences between ME and PRO are:


A. top of the Board
  • WIFI & Bluetooth Module - No
  • Antennas for WiFi and Bluetooth - No
  • IR receiver - No
  • GPIO 2×20 Pins - No
  • USB-A - NO 1
  • Connectors for RTC Battery - No
B. Back side of the board
  • 30 pin FPC Cable for display - No
  • 30 pin FPC Cable for camera - No
  • 10 pin FPC Cable for Touch panel - No
  • M.2 Key for SSD - No
  • Wake on Lan Function - No
  • GPIO Extension Chipset - No
  • Gsensor - No