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    The OpenSource Development Team consists currently of:

    Pascal Papara as Project Manager (x)*
    Kanwar Cheema and related partners Server / Webapps /Servicedevelopment (external)
    Fabio Falcucci (App and Gamedevelopment) (external)
    Apriorit (security - external)

    *(x) If agreements or something else has to be settled about legal aspects or individual properties please contact this guys to validate if who you are talking to is the right one.
    Most content except logos, Trademarks and other things from legal entities is OpenSource. Not all is open source so take care which images you use - aka better ask for a written permission before doing so.

    As of today 26th of June 2020 no one is allowed to sell any product or service as a kind of reseller. If someone tries to sell you something, please contact the Team to be safe.

    Other Members mentioned on the Websites are community members or supporting partner. They are NOT representing the official route, thoughts or intentions of the core-team mentioned above.

    There is also an unofficial community TEAM which work voluntary to push TELOS to the limits.
    Currently this team is organising community votings to fill new and or more positions to speed up the growth of TELOS.
    You can find informations on the community discord here:

    During the Pre-Voting time please consider ZenH20 (Jimmy Artawan - Ambassador Asia) as glue between the worlds.

    We are going to follow the voting results and will add the new TELOS Team to this forum as well.

    Lately i got some informations which doesn't taste well so please take this words serious: Show me your friends and I know you.
    Also lately a sort of Judas Effect came into play as partners reported us doings in the background which will have some legal consequences in the next weeks.
    Sorry for the drama but its time to do a clean up.

    We (who consider us the official part ) have only the following partnership (yet unsettled and subject to be finalized) with Bitcou and PolisPay.
    We endorse no use of any app or services, not even our own ones we are involved in as private individuals .

    This forum will have spots for different Services / Providers / Coins / Apps and so on just to inform and discuss them neutrally or support people as much as possible.

    Each Service, App or Coin is represented by different entities and the rights belong to their respective owners. Don't mix things up and play sandbox business in discords. There is a separation line between open source / public domain / and business. Please keep this in mind as not everyone is relaxed about using stuff in every context you may find as "super uber mega".