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Delistings of TELOS on Midas and Whitebit

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  • Delistings of TELOS on Midas and Whitebit

    Dear Community,

    as announced in the past Whitebit was not very happy of the volume on Whitebit created by the TELOS community.
    I discussed it and told them that it is life. Some people favorize exchanges like Graviex and Crex24 and dislike KYC. (CREX added it lately). On the other hand for example we like Southxchange, Biki and Birake next to Bitdorado (which is Birake powered btw.) .

    So of course i am unhappy with one eye about Whitebits decision but I can absolutely understand it as it never followed the exchanges volume wise. Leaders are Graviex, Crex24. Birake and in that matter.

    Another delisting is slightly different as it happens on my behalf.

    Midas was very cooperative in the past.. except the Promundi idea which they didn't support ( but this is not the culprint).
    A while back i recognised strange transactions to the Bitdorado Pool Wallet which immediately caused the wallet to stop staking. When it became a pattern I observed it a little more and than went to PIVX guys to let me confirm the issue. Midas and some other coins are based on an older codebase of Pivx so the new PIVX version are not affected. The guys confirmed me my finding and told me that the issue is gone since Pivx 3.4 . ...

    So ok.. i had this in mind... After a few days it happened again.
    As it happened again I have just posted the wallet in MIDAS discord to find out who is the owner.
    A user told me it is a wallet from MIDAS in the public chat (no declining was done against this statement!)
    As a MIDAS Member joined the discussion I ignored this finding and just informed about the issue and that I hope for a Wallet update.
    A user who bashed us since 2018 for forking Gossip came up and attacked me... me the victim who stayed calm and just played it down as I just asked for a wallet update.

    MIDAS incldued TELOS in investment vehicle called MNI . This leads according to there lates report to a huge ROI

    I am glad that this blood sucker make gains based on our work.. not in my universe!

    So long story short we decided to delist TELOS from MIDAS as well. TELOS should stay in an atmosphere of harmony (and again i just wanted to ask for a fix - no accusations ... ) Midas community (especially the GIaki guy) made the rest.

    And yes.. in the legal world we speak about "contractional freedom" . I can't ban people from an open project like TELOS but from anything with a company registration.

    Short version:
    Being attacked
    Gently asking for a fix of the wallet
    Being attacked by words

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    Whitebit will inform all users prior the delisting. So don't panic. Anyway feel free to withdraw right away.