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Hardfork questions and answers - Telos 3.0

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  • Hardfork questions and answers - Telos 3.0

    Please post your questions to Telos 3.0 here and we will answer them.

    Please prepare yourself mentally for the fork which happens at block 1018866 . Please ensure to be at least on wallet 2.1 at that date.. we try hard to release 3.0 before that date. For exchanges we will provide starting tomorrow an intermediate wallet a bit more recent than the current 2.1 . Also we will inform the following exchanges about the fork:
    Delion Dex

    The change-log cumulated from 2.1 - 3.0 is as follows
    - CSV export can be found in Settings (Wallet 2.1)
    - Added halving to 50 TELOS at block 1018866 (Wallet 2.1)
    - Added collateral change to Tiers 100K / 300K / 1M / 3M / 10M (Wallet 2.1)
    - Added new spork and checks against Fakenodes and Stake attacks (new consensus doesnt allow to receive Stake and MN reward in the same block for the same reward) (Wallet 2.1)
    - Wallet enforces users to add Encryption ( Version 3.0)
    - Masternodeprivkeys are now stored in wallet and not in transcendence.conf (Version 3.0)
    - Wallet.dat is obfuscated randomly to prevent malware from finding it - Convetional Wallet.dat can be exported as file in order to move to another machine (Wallet 3.0)
    - Added explanation for user why we do this kind of Fraud Prevention at first startup (wallet 3.0)
    - IPv6 support has been dropped (Wallet 2.1)
    - passphrase backup via email (wallet 3.0)

    At best you just do the following:
    Backup the old wallet.dat
    Replace the old Wallet binaries (qt, daemon or cli) and run the Wallet

    In semi-worst case you need to reindex at first start.

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    - Added collateral change to Tiers 100K / 300K / 1M / 3M / 10M (Wallet 2.1)

    Do we need to change a 100K ipv4 MN that is currently running or can it continue without a reset ?


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      Old Nodes will be banned as with block 1018866 we add new Masternode control checks to ban Phantom Nodes and we change the consensus in a way that the same wallet can't receive Staking and MN Rewards in the same block.

      if the node is on 2.1 likely yes, if it doesn't fork "accidentally" it will continue to work as 2.1 includes the FORK-Relevant changes since January .. if it is on than it will fork away with tears in the eyes


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        Thx for the info

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      PolisPay app for andoid and iOS activates TELOS again ! New TELOS logo has been added

      Click image for larger version

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