Here we go with some status updates:
The new Transcendence Dashboard is currently in testing (Limited to pure Wallet function).
Currently we are implanting an alternative way to build the tx-database in an asynchron way so the first startup doesn’t take ages. AML-Now is currently mandatory to launch activate the wallet. You get an OTP via SMS . The wallet is than bound to the machine and moving it to another machine will need to enter an OTO again. This is an extra layer of protection again malware.

XBTX has been added to PolisPay app so you can manage telos and XBTX in one mobile wallet. PolisPay is available for android and iOS.

Many XBTX pools have been started and invite users. See community discord for more infos.

XBTX classic will be also listed on an exchange so the split of miners based on the algorithm is than complete. is offering hashrate rentals payable with telos or XBTX. is going to be part of the Transcendence Dashbaord (new wallet). With all users being verified the risk of fraud reduced to 0 .

Next to CryptoMages we have now a second active gamedevelopment started for Telosians Wars. It is a round based online strategy game.

The Greenbox app has been also updated and improved a few times the last months.

also NHS testnet has been launched

Also we have started with the Alexandria Protocol to add proof of storage to Telos.

Stay tuned.
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